It Was a Terrible Day!

One day, during the holidays, Dad brought in the mail and showed Mom a postcard. They looked very sad. I thought someone gave them bad news. We got through the holidays and they looked at the postcard again. Dad said, “We may as well bite the bullet.” I thought he was going to make a smoothie with the Magic Bullet but Mom made a phone call instead.

On Monday, I learned what was going on. It was time for all four of us (Barbara, Charlie, Oliver, and me) to have our annual checkups and shots. One time they took all of us at once. They said, “Never again!”

Oliver and I went to the vet first. Oliver does not like car rides like I do. It felt like we drove for hours because he yowled all the way there. So much noise! When we got there, I didn’t want to go inside but Mom picked me up and carried me.                                                                                                                                                                            I check on Oliver

Oliver was in a carrier. I check to make sure he’s still alive because he finally got quiet.


The tech came in and took me out of the exam room. You wouldn’t believe where they put things and what they did!!!!!! It should never happen to a dog! When she brought me back to Mom and Dad, I was really nervous so I got into Dad’s lap with Oliver.

Now I'm nervous, too








Dr. Jones came into the room and checked Oliver first. That was fine with me. I needed time to get my dignity back. Oliver doesn't like having his heart listened toOliver didn’t want to be bothered so he flattened down while Dr. Jones listened to his heart.

When it was my turn, I stood up nice and tall.

Dr. Jones listens to my heart








Oliver and I were ready to go home after that, but the humans kept talking about football and the championship game. It was boring. They finally finished and Mom took me outside while Dad paid the bill. I like sniffing the yard and taking care of business.

When we got home, I got a special treat for being so good and not biting anyone. That was the best part of a terrible day.



In Trouble Again!!

No, I didn’t chase kitties this time. We went on a long, long, long, long, long trip, all the way to Florida. My sister, Melanie, lives there and she has a new puppy named Chloe. I guess that makes Chloe my niece. Chloe may be a puppy but she weighs over 50 pounds. She is a big puppy, kind of like Clifford the Big Red Dog, only Chloe isn’t red.

ThisChloe is Chloe. She’s wearing the pretty Christmas jingle bell collar Mom found at the Farmer’s Market. I got to go to the market but Chloe had to stay home. Anyway, when I first met Chloe I growled at her and showed her my teeth. That started the trouble. Later, she tried to sniff my private parts and I started a fight. We both got put in time-out.

The next day, I tried to be friendly and she started a fight. I guess she thought I was going to bite her. It was back to time-out.

Chloe left me alone after that but I had to stay in someone’s lap all the time and we couldn’t go outside together. Mom said I was a very rude guest. I don’t know what rude means but she didn’t smile when she said it.

Sigh! I hope I get another chance to be a better guest.






New Neighbor

Over the weekend Dad talked to Mr. Bob and Mrs. Karen, who live next door. They told him they saw a new neighbor in the woods behind our houses. It was a bobcat.

I thought that meant Mr. Bob adopted one of the kitties that live in the woods. Mom said, “No. A bobcat will eat you for a night time snack.” I know all about kitties because I live with three. I chase them a lot but they haven’t tried to eat me.

Mom went on Google and found me a picture of a bobcat from National Geographic. I think it looks like a kitty.

Don’t you think they all look alike? I do! I’m not scared of that new neighbor! Mom was just tricking me when she said it would eat me.



Well, I blew it tonight. My good record for not chasing kitties is gone. I chased one into the guest room. It was fun but Mom and Dad were not happy. They put me in timeout and I’m staying here till morning. Mom opened the door to my crate but I gave her sad eyes instead of coming out. Emma I hope she feels guilty. Means I can get more treats.

Pretty smart thinking for a puppy dog.


No Time Out!

Happy pup         Guess what? I made it through the whole weekend without being put in timeout! Mom and Dad are so proud. The kitties are happy, too. They don’t like being chased.

I think I should get extra treats. Mom doesn’t give me any until she finishes cleaning up the kitchen after supper. That takes soooooo long!

When I sit in front of Dad and wag my tail, he’ll usually give in. He can’t stand having me watch him.


I’m Back!

It’s been a while but I’m back on line. Mom left the room with her computer open. This has to be short because she might be back any minute. I had a busy summer with lots of travel. Mom and Dad say I’m a good traveler. I don’t throw up or anything. All I want is a comfortable lap. Oops! Here she comes! Act normal!


Going to Camp

Mom and Dad booked a trip to Alaska this summer. I said, “Oh, boy! Good thing I’m not afraid of grizzly bears!” That’s when I got the terrible news. I don’t get to go. No amount of barking and growling changed my pawrents’ minds.

They decided I need to be boarded while they are having fun. At first I got scared because I thought that meant they would bury me under a pile of boards and drive it full of nails. But yesterday they took me to Ms. Jackie’s Pooch Playhouse. Turns out, “boarding” means going to sleep away camp while Mom and Dad are gone. Ms. Jackie comes to our house to care of the kitties when Mom, Dad, and I go away. She says kitties are much happier if they can stay in their home.

I don’t usually like other puppy dogs so my pawrents wanted to make sure Ms. Jackie thought I would be okay. I liked her and her staff right away. They oohed and aahed about how cute I am. The dogs’ barking in the doggie room made me nervous so I peed on the rug. Ms. Jackie didn’t mind. See what I mean by she’s a nice person?

She took me back to the doggie room and I got to mingle with the other puppy dogs. I was the smallest dog there. Ms. Jackie told my Pawrents I did just fine, that other dogs have to understand that I don’t like them in my face or sniffing private places for very long.

Next week I’ll get to go to half-day camp and then we’ll try all day before I stay overnight. I sure hope we do crafts. Dad says I can paint a house with all my tail wags.