History for Dogs

Yesterday Mom and Dad took me for a ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway. I like to ride almost as much as I like to go for walks. The Trace was a road for travelers after they took stuff down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to sell in New Orleans and other places. They left their boats at the end of the trip and walked back to their homes. The Trace runs from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. People often got robbed because bad guys knew they carried lots of money. Now there is a paved two-lane highway but parts of the old trace are still around in the woods.

We saw wild turkeys and I knew Mr. Word would like to shoot them but they are on federal property so I think it’s not allowed. Our first stop was near some trails. I had fun when we got out for a walk. I even walked in a creek. We went down a horse trail and met a lady on a horse. I didn’t bark at them and the parents were proud. IMG_0759

This is me sort of on the horse trail. I sniffed everything!

We got back in the car and Mom gave me some water from a bottle. I was thirsty after all that sniffing. Dad thought it was funny that Mom’s jeans got wet when I drank out of the bottle.

On our next stop we saw the War of 1812 monument. It commemorates Andrew Jackson taking troops down the Trace to fight in the Battle of New Orleans a long, long, long, long, long time ago. Lots of stuff to sniff there.

On the way home we drove through historic Leiper’s Fork. I don’t know why it’s famous except that lots of celebrities live there, especially country singers. I had a fun day!


Chasing Rabbits

Today was a rainy day and Mom knows I don’t like to do my business in the rain. She made me go into the backyard anyway. I sniffed around and did number one. When I finished, a rabbit ran from under the evergreen trees. I chased it! We ran up the yard, we ran down the yard, and we ran up the yard again. Finally, it slipped under the fence and ran into the woods. I didn’t fit in the spot the rabbit found. Dad said he’ll have to check the fence to plug any holes so I can’t get into the woods. I wish he would make the hole bigger. The woods are full of animals that need exercise. Chasing rabbits is more fun than chasing cats!

For the rest of the day I wanted to go outside a lot in case that rabbit came back. I got all wet but didn’t mind that a bit. Mom says I smelled funny, but I didn’t care. While she wrote a short story I dried myself in front of the heater beside her desk. Mom said she hopes there isn’t a rabbit nest under the evergreen trees. Dad said he hoped the nest wasn’t under the deck. They found kittens under there one day. I haven’t looked yet because my nephew, Mister, got into trouble with his parents when he found a baby rabbit.


I’m at the Beach

We’ve been on a family vacation this week. A vacation is when you leave home and stay some place different. The cats didn’t come but that’s okay with me because I got all the attention. They would have enjoyed being here. The beach is one giant sandbox.

On the way to Ft. Myers Beach we spent the night with my sister, Melanie, in Orlando. It was the first time we met.

Emma and Melanie This me, Melanie, and Tony on her sofa. They give good belly rubs.

After we got to the beach, I made friends with John and Cheryl. They live in the apartment next to the one we rented. They’re lucky because they live here all the time.

John installed a pet gate so a puppy dog doesn’t have to stay chained on the balcony our apartment shares with theirs.

Emma at the gate

One night, when John and Cheryl’s door was open, I went in and jumped on the sofa with Cheryl. She gave me a good belly rub. Mom said it was rude to walk into someone’s house without knocking, but John and Cheryl didn’t seem to mind.

Speaking of belly rubs, I’ve gotten lots of them this week. People on the beach think I’m cute, and of course I’m friendly. I’m irresistible! Here I am waiting for someone to come by and rub my belly. Emma on the beach

The worst day was when Mom and Dad went to a baseball game. If I were in charge, the rule would be that friendly dogs can go to the stadium. I had to stay in my crate jail. Mom said she heard me whine all the way downstairs. Everyone needed to know I was unhappy.

People shouldn’t bring really big dogs to the beach – or any other dogs – just me. I growl and bark at them. All ten pounds of me are fierce.

I don’t care for the tsunamis at the beach,

Emma at water's edge

but I do like to dig in the sand. Emma digs

If I sniff too hard while I dig, I get sand up my nose and sneeze a lot.

I’m sure going to miss the beach when we leave. This was a great place for a road trip.


Spayed is NOT Gardening

When the good folks at Critter Cavalry Rescue said I would get spayed as part of the adoption fee, I thought they meant I could dig in the dirt with a shovel. Boy, was I wrong!

Spayed is an operation. It means I can’t have anymore babies. Maybe if my first owners had me spayed, they would have kept me and my babies instead of sending us to a shelter. We got out of there just in time.

Mom says there are too many unwanted pets wandering the streets and neighborhoods as well as too many surrendered to shelters. If everyone got their pets spayed and neutered (that’s the boy operation) a lot more animals would have good homes like mine.

I spent the night in the hospital and then the lady said to keep me quiet for 5-6 days. Mom and Dad rolled their eyes. When I run across the backyard I have to take some leaps. Mom thinks I’m part kangaroo.  I’m still a little sore when someone touches me too hard on my tummy but that’s getting better.

By the way, my friend Juju is in a beauty pageant. You can vote for her here. She’s a cat, but that’s okay with me. My mom votes for her every day.


Saturday Adventure

Saturday was a fun day! When Mom and Dad finished their coffee, Dad went into the garage to do something to the car to make it special for me. He fixed a hammock in the backseat and a soft basket for the console. All for ME to ride. Mom put on my special harness because it clips to the basket.


Don’t I look pretty in my ruffled harness? That’s Dad holding me up to show off. I started off in the backseat on the hammock and a warming pad but I decided I wanted to see everything so I got into the basket and sat between Mom and Dad.

Dad drove us on the Natchez Trace Parkway, a road he says is very pretty in the spring when redbuds bloom. We stopped at Garrison Creek and got out to walk around. Good thing, too, because by that time I had to do my business. When I finished, we walked down to the creek. I met a dog named Seth. His owner said he is old and hard of hearing.

Then two people rode up on horses. I didn’t bark at them because Mom said horses can get upset if dogs bark or car horns honk. The lady said I was very cute. I knew that was true.

We said goodbye to the horses and got back in the car for the drive home. Mom said our trip was practice for when we take a longer trip to Lexington, Kentucky so I can meet my nephew, Mister. I passed the test and had an adventure to boot. Saturday was a fun day.



You will never guess what happened to me today! Mom and Dad took me to the vet. He’s a special doctor for dogs and cats. I got to wear my new jacket. Mom told Dad it was like people putting on clean underwear when they go to the doctor. My cats don’t like to go to the vet and after what the helpers did to me, I know why. Dad says the cats don’t like to go because they have to ride in the car. Ha!

The reason I had to go was because I haven’t had my rabies shot. It’s part of the adoption fee and Ms. Candace said I could get that when I get spayed. I think that means someone covers your poop with a shovel. Anyway, Mom got nervous the other night when I chased the possum in our backyard. She’s afraid if I chased another animal it might bite me. Some wild animal bites carry rabies. I don’t know what that is, but I do know the possum needed all four paws to run, so it couldn’t carry anything.

Mom called the vet’s office and they told her to bring me in this morning. I had to get weighed (no girl likes that) and then we went into a room. Two helpers came in. One told me how pretty and sweet I was (every girl likes to hear that). While she loved on me the other one picked up my tail . . . well, I can’t say the rest. It’s too awful! Later, they told the vet that I don’t have worms.

Then I got shot twice but there was no blood or giant holes like on tv. The vet said I don’t have much mileage on me, and that I found a good home. I knew that already.


More Trouble

A terrible thing happened today. Charlie chased ME! I didn’t like it one bit! And Mom didn’t make him stop. We were in the bonus room while Mom sewed a new hem in Dad’s office curtains. Charlie chased me across the room. I ran around the sofa and Charlie cheated. He went over the top. When I ran under the bed, he stuck his head under there and hissed and growled at me. None of that felt very good. Later, Charlie ran down the stairs and I didn’t chase him. I was afraid he would turn around and chase me back under the bed. Scary things live there. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with the cats because Mom and Dad haven’t said anything about making them go somewhere else.