On the Second Day of Christmas

I celebrated another day of Christmas. This time we went to Lexington, Kentucky to my sister Angie’s house. It took a long, long time but not as long as going to Melanie’s. When we got to Lexington our first stop was the Bluegrass Barkery. It’s my most favorite place in Lexington, except for Angie’s house. Mom bought treats for Mister and me, and lots of treats to bring home. The Bluegrass Barkery has the best treats in the whole wide world. I helped the corgi greet customers when they came into the store.

It’s a good thing we had lots of treats because Mister and I had to go to jail in our crates while the humans went to church. We got treats for going to jail in our crates. Mom calls those treats bribes positive reinforcement.

Mister got a new Christmas sweater. He got lots of attention when Angie put it on him. I wanted attention, too. So I demanded asked for a belly rub. I didn’t get one! And it was Christmas day!

Emma want belly rub





But doesn’t Mister look handsome in his new sweater?

Mister's Christmas Sweater








Later, Mister and I got our belly rubs. Angie is an excellent multi-tasker.

Angie Multitasking

Mom and Dad were proud of my behavior. Sometimes they reminded me to be gentle with Mister. And there were the times I tried to eat his food. He has yummy food. And he didn’t get mad when I ate it. Everyone else thought it was a bad idea.

One thing still confuses me. It was rainy but I went outside to take care of business anyway. When I came back inside, Mom said I smelled like a wet puppy dog. Shouldn’t a wet puppy dog smell like a wet puppy dog? Sometimes my parents have weird ideas!


In Trouble Again!!

No, I didn’t chase kitties this time. We went on a long, long, long, long, long trip, all the way to Florida. My sister, Melanie, lives there and she has a new puppy named Chloe. I guess that makes Chloe my niece. Chloe may be a puppy but she weighs over 50 pounds. She is a big puppy, kind of like Clifford the Big Red Dog, only Chloe isn’t red.

ThisChloe is Chloe. She’s wearing the pretty Christmas jingle bell collar Mom found at the Farmer’s Market. I got to go to the market but Chloe had to stay home. Anyway, when I first met Chloe I growled at her and showed her my teeth. That started the trouble. Later, she tried to sniff my private parts and I started a fight. We both got put in time-out.

The next day, I tried to be friendly and she started a fight. I guess she thought I was going to bite her. It was back to time-out.

Chloe left me alone after that but I had to stay in someone’s lap all the time and we couldn’t go outside together. Mom said I was a very rude guest. I don’t know what rude means but she didn’t smile when she said it.

Sigh! I hope I get another chance to be a better guest.






Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I know. December 8 is a little late to be celebrating Thanksgiving. But Mom said I should be thankful all year, so today I’m thankful. My nephew, Mister, came to see me for Thanksgiving. He brought my sister, Angie, with him. This is Mister looking cute.

IMG_0988Isn’t he handsome? Some people say he looks like my big brother instead of my nephew. In some ways he is like a big brother. He taught me how to beg.





Here I am, begging.

Emma begging








Here we both are, begging. Mister says you have to maintain eye contact at all times with your sucker victim subject. Note the intensity in both our faces as we watch Mom have a snack.


A bad thing happened just before they sat down to eat. I chased a kitty and got put in time out for the WHOLE meal! Mister said, “Thank you for letting me get your share of turkey.” He is a polite puppy dog.

After all that begging and eating, we had to have a nap. IMG_0986

I like it when Mister comes or when we go to see him. It always means the sucker Mom (his grandma) will give out extra treats.