No Time Out!

Happy pup         Guess what? I made it through the whole weekend without being put in timeout! Mom and Dad are so proud. The kitties are happy, too. They don’t like being chased.

I think I should get extra treats. Mom doesn’t give me any until she finishes cleaning up the kitchen after supper. That takes soooooo long!

When I sit in front of Dad and wag my tail, he’ll usually give in. He can’t stand having me watch him.


More Trouble

A terrible thing happened today. Charlie chased ME! I didn’t like it one bit! And Mom didn’t make him stop. We were in the bonus room while Mom sewed a new hem in Dad’s office curtains. Charlie chased me across the room. I ran around the sofa and Charlie cheated. He went over the top. When I ran under the bed, he stuck his head under there and hissed and growled at me. None of that felt very good. Later, Charlie ran down the stairs and I didn’t chase him. I was afraid he would turn around and chase me back under the bed. Scary things live there. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with the cats because Mom and Dad haven’t said anything about making them go somewhere else.