No Time Out!

Happy pup         Guess what? I made it through the whole weekend without being put in timeout! Mom and Dad are so proud. The kitties are happy, too. They don’t like being chased.

I think I should get extra treats. Mom doesn’t give me any until she finishes cleaning up the kitchen after supper. That takes soooooo long!

When I sit in front of Dad and wag my tail, he’ll usually give in. He can’t stand having me watch him.


More Trouble

A terrible thing happened today. Charlie chased ME! I didn’t like it one bit! And Mom didn’t make him stop. We were in the bonus room while Mom sewed a new hem in Dad’s office curtains. Charlie chased me across the room. I ran around the sofa and Charlie cheated. He went over the top. When I ran under the bed, he stuck his head under there and hissed and growled at me. None of that felt very good. Later, Charlie ran down the stairs and I didn’t chase him. I was afraid he would turn around and chase me back under the bed. Scary things live there. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with the cats because Mom and Dad haven’t said anything about making them go somewhere else.


Trouble in the Household

I got into deep trouble today. I chased my brother, Charlie, and Mom and Dad were unhappy. They think I was being mean instead of wanting to play. Maybe they were right.


This is Charlie. He was pretty mad, too. He growled and hissed when Mom picked him up. Mom told him to stand his ground and I’ll leave him alone. She’s right, of course. If he wouldn’t run, I wouldn’t chase him.

Barbara doesn’t run from me and I leave her alone.  This is Barbara.


Barbara is the queen. At least that’s what Mom and Dad call her. That means I can only be a princess. Charlie and Oliver aren’t kings because Mom said the Queen holds the ace of trumps. I don’t know what that means but Charlie and Oliver leave Barbara alone unless she wants to play with them.

This is Oliver.


Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.