Going to Camp

Mom and Dad booked a trip to Alaska this summer. I said, “Oh, boy! Good thing I’m not afraid of grizzly bears!” That’s when I got the terrible news. I don’t get to go. No amount of barking and growling changed my pawrents’ minds.

They decided I need to be boarded while they are having fun. At first I got scared because I thought that meant they would bury me under a pile of boards and drive it full of nails. But yesterday they took me to Ms. Jackie’s Pooch Playhouse. Turns out, “boarding” means going to sleep away camp while Mom and Dad are gone. Ms. Jackie comes to our house to care of the kitties when Mom, Dad, and I go away. She says kitties are much happier if they can stay in their home.

I don’t usually like other puppy dogs so my pawrents wanted to make sure Ms. Jackie thought I would be okay. I liked her and her staff right away. They oohed and aahed about how cute I am. The dogs’ barking in the doggie room made me nervous so I peed on the rug. Ms. Jackie didn’t mind. See what I mean by she’s a nice person?

She took me back to the doggie room and I got to mingle with the other puppy dogs. I was the smallest dog there. Ms. Jackie told my Pawrents I did just fine, that other dogs have to understand that I don’t like them in my face or sniffing private places for very long.

Next week I’ll get to go to half-day camp and then we’ll try all day before I stay overnight. I sure hope we do crafts. Dad says I can paint a house with all my tail wags.