In Trouble Again!!

No, I didn’t chase kitties this time. We went on a long, long, long, long, long trip, all the way to Florida. My sister, Melanie, lives there and she has a new puppy named Chloe. I guess that makes Chloe my niece. Chloe may be a puppy but she weighs over 50 pounds. She is a big puppy, kind of like Clifford the Big Red Dog, only Chloe isn’t red.

ThisChloe is Chloe. She’s wearing the pretty Christmas jingle bell collar Mom found at the Farmer’s Market. I got to go to the market but Chloe had to stay home. Anyway, when I first met Chloe I growled at her and showed her my teeth. That started the trouble. Later, she tried to sniff my private parts and I started a fight. We both got put in time-out.

The next day, I tried to be friendly and she started a fight. I guess she thought I was going to bite her. It was back to time-out.

Chloe left me alone after that but I had to stay in someone’s lap all the time and we couldn’t go outside together. Mom said I was a very rude guest. I don’t know what rude means but she didn’t smile when she said it.

Sigh! I hope I get another chance to be a better guest.