Trouble in the Household

I got into deep trouble today. I chased my brother, Charlie, and Mom and Dad were unhappy. They think I was being mean instead of wanting to play. Maybe they were right.


This is Charlie. He was pretty mad, too. He growled and hissed when Mom picked him up. Mom told him to stand his ground and I’ll leave him alone. She’s right, of course. If he wouldn’t run, I wouldn’t chase him.

Barbara doesn’t run from me and I leave her alone.  This is Barbara.


Barbara is the queen. At least that’s what Mom and Dad call her. That means I can only be a princess. Charlie and Oliver aren’t kings because Mom said the Queen holds the ace of trumps. I don’t know what that means but Charlie and Oliver leave Barbara alone unless she wants to play with them.

This is Oliver.


Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.