Chasing Rabbits

Today was a rainy day and Mom knows I don’t like to do my business in the rain. She made me go into the backyard anyway. I sniffed around and did number one. When I finished, a rabbit ran from under the evergreen trees. I chased it! We ran up the yard, we ran down the yard, and we ran up the yard again. Finally, it slipped under the fence and ran into the woods. I didn’t fit in the spot the rabbit found. Dad said he’ll have to check the fence to plug any holes so I can’t get into the woods. I wish he would make the hole bigger. The woods are full of animals that need exercise. Chasing rabbits is more fun than chasing cats!

For the rest of the day I wanted to go outside a lot in case that rabbit came back. I got all wet but didn’t mind that a bit. Mom says I smelled funny, but I didn’t care. While she wrote a short story I dried myself in front of the heater beside her desk. Mom said she hopes there isn’t a rabbit nest under the evergreen trees. Dad said he hoped the nest wasn’t under the deck. They found kittens under there one day. I haven’t looked yet because my nephew, Mister, got into trouble with his parents when he found a baby rabbit.