Spayed is NOT Gardening

When the good folks at Critter Cavalry Rescue said I would get spayed as part of the adoption fee, I thought they meant I could dig in the dirt with a shovel. Boy, was I wrong!

Spayed is an operation. It means I can’t have anymore babies. Maybe if my first owners had me spayed, they would have kept me and my babies instead of sending us to a shelter. We got out of there just in time.

Mom says there are too many unwanted pets wandering the streets and neighborhoods as well as too many surrendered to shelters. If everyone got their pets spayed and neutered (that’s the boy operation) a lot more animals would have good homes like mine.

I spent the night in the hospital and then the lady said to keep me quiet for 5-6 days. Mom and Dad rolled their eyes. When I run across the backyard I have to take some leaps. Mom thinks I’m part kangaroo.  I’m still a little sore when someone touches me too hard on my tummy but that’s getting better.

By the way, my friend Juju is in a beauty pageant. You can vote for her here. She’s a cat, but that’s okay with me. My mom votes for her every day.



You will never guess what happened to me today! Mom and Dad took me to the vet. He’s a special doctor for dogs and cats. I got to wear my new jacket. Mom told Dad it was like people putting on clean underwear when they go to the doctor. My cats don’t like to go to the vet and after what the helpers did to me, I know why. Dad says the cats don’t like to go because they have to ride in the car. Ha!

The reason I had to go was because I haven’t had my rabies shot. It’s part of the adoption fee and Ms. Candace said I could get that when I get spayed. I think that means someone covers your poop with a shovel. Anyway, Mom got nervous the other night when I chased the possum in our backyard. She’s afraid if I chased another animal it might bite me. Some wild animal bites carry rabies. I don’t know what that is, but I do know the possum needed all four paws to run, so it couldn’t carry anything.

Mom called the vet’s office and they told her to bring me in this morning. I had to get weighed (no girl likes that) and then we went into a room. Two helpers came in. One told me how pretty and sweet I was (every girl likes to hear that). While she loved on me the other one picked up my tail . . . well, I can’t say the rest. It’s too awful! Later, they told the vet that I don’t have worms.

Then I got shot twice but there was no blood or giant holes like on tv. The vet said I don’t have much mileage on me, and that I found a good home. I knew that already.