I’m at the Beach

We’ve been on a family vacation this week. A vacation is when you leave home and stay some place different. The cats didn’t come but that’s okay with me because I got all the attention. They would have enjoyed being here. The beach is one giant sandbox.

On the way to Ft. Myers Beach we spent the night with my sister, Melanie, in Orlando. It was the first time we met.

Emma and Melanie This me, Melanie, and Tony on her sofa. They give good belly rubs.

After we got to the beach, I made friends with John and Cheryl. They live in the apartment next to the one we rented. They’re lucky because they live here all the time.

John installed a pet gate so a puppy dog doesn’t have to stay chained on the balcony our apartment shares with theirs.

Emma at the gate

One night, when John and Cheryl’s door was open, I went in and jumped on the sofa with Cheryl. She gave me a good belly rub. Mom said it was rude to walk into someone’s house without knocking, but John and Cheryl didn’t seem to mind.

Speaking of belly rubs, I’ve gotten lots of them this week. People on the beach think I’m cute, and of course I’m friendly. I’m irresistible! Here I am waiting for someone to come by and rub my belly. Emma on the beach

The worst day was when Mom and Dad went to a baseball game. If I were in charge, the rule would be that friendly dogs can go to the stadium. I had to stay in my crate jail. Mom said she heard me whine all the way downstairs. Everyone needed to know I was unhappy.

People shouldn’t bring really big dogs to the beach – or any other dogs – just me. I growl and bark at them. All ten pounds of me are fierce.

I don’t care for the tsunamis at the beach,

Emma at water's edge

but I do like to dig in the sand. Emma digs

If I sniff too hard while I dig, I get sand up my nose and sneeze a lot.

I’m sure going to miss the beach when we leave. This was a great place for a road trip.