Well, I blew it tonight. My good record for not chasing kitties is gone. I chased one into the guest room. It was fun but Mom and Dad were not happy. They put me in timeout and I’m staying here till morning. Mom opened the door to my crate but I gave her sad eyes instead of coming out. Emma I hope she feels guilty. Means I can get more treats.

Pretty smart thinking for a puppy dog.


No Time Out!

Happy pup         Guess what? I made it through the whole weekend without being put in timeout! Mom and Dad are so proud. The kitties are happy, too. They don’t like being chased.

I think I should get extra treats. Mom doesn’t give me any until she finishes cleaning up the kitchen after supper. That takes soooooo long!

When I sit in front of Dad and wag my tail, he’ll usually give in. He can’t stand having me watch him.