Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I know. December 8 is a little late to be celebrating Thanksgiving. But Mom said I should be thankful all year, so today I’m thankful. My nephew, Mister, came to see me for Thanksgiving. He brought my sister, Angie, with him. This is Mister looking cute.

IMG_0988Isn’t he handsome? Some people say he looks like my big brother instead of my nephew. In some ways he is like a big brother. He taught me how to beg.





Here I am, begging.

Emma begging








Here we both are, begging. Mister says you have to maintain eye contact at all times with your sucker victim subject. Note the intensity in both our faces as we watch Mom have a snack.


A bad thing happened just before they sat down to eat. I chased a kitty and got put in time out for the WHOLE meal! Mister said, “Thank you for letting me get your share of turkey.” He is a polite puppy dog.

After all that begging and eating, we had to have a nap. IMG_0986

I like it when Mister comes or when we go to see him. It always means the sucker Mom (his grandma) will give out extra treats.





Well, I blew it tonight. My good record for not chasing kitties is gone. I chased one into the guest room. It was fun but Mom and Dad were not happy. They put me in timeout and I’m staying here till morning. Mom opened the door to my crate but I gave her sad eyes instead of coming out. Emma I hope she feels guilty. Means I can get more treats.

Pretty smart thinking for a puppy dog.


No Time Out!

Happy pup         Guess what? I made it through the whole weekend without being put in timeout! Mom and Dad are so proud. The kitties are happy, too. They don’t like being chased.

I think I should get extra treats. Mom doesn’t give me any until she finishes cleaning up the kitchen after supper. That takes soooooo long!

When I sit in front of Dad and wag my tail, he’ll usually give in. He can’t stand having me watch him.


Road Trip

Friday afternoon my parents and I left on a road trip to Lexington, Kentucky. My sister, Angie, lives there with her husband, Adam, and my nephew, Mister. It took lots of hours to get there but I was comfortable in my car basket. Sometimes Mom let me sit in her lap. Emma basket

This is me in my basket. That’s my dad driving the car.

When we got there, I finally met Mister. Emma&MisterWe had to stay on leashes until we got used to each other. There was a lot of sniffing going on. This is our nose sniff. We sniffed other spots, too, but Mom says it’s bad manners to talk about them.

I tried to play with Mister but he didn’t want to play much. Angie says he’s older and likes to play quiet games. When I jumped on his head from the sofa, I got into trouble and had to go to time out. I didn’t stay long because I jumped out. Mom and Dad say I must be part kangaroo.

The best part of Saturday was when Mister’s other grandparents came over and his grandmother brought bacon flavored treats – my favorite!

Rachel and dogs

We sure paid close attention to her. I’m glad she made Mister share with me. She’s my sucker friend forever.

The worst part was when all the humans went out to eat. Mister and I had to go into our crates in separate rooms. They were gone FOREVER! After lunch, Mister’s other grandparents went to a basketball game. With Wildcats and Tigers, I’ll bet there was a lot of growling and hissing going on.

Everyone else came back home and let Mister and me out of jail. Then Mom and Dad were ready to come back home so Mister could take a nap. Road trips are fun.







Mister’s version of the weekend can be found here.