It Was a Terrible Day!

One day, during the holidays, Dad brought in the mail and showed Mom a postcard. They looked very sad. I thought someone gave them bad news. We got through the holidays and they looked at the postcard again. Dad said, “We may as well bite the bullet.” I thought he was going to make a smoothie with the Magic Bullet but Mom made a phone call instead.

On Monday, I learned what was going on. It was time for all four of us (Barbara, Charlie, Oliver, and me) to have our annual checkups and shots. One time they took all of us at once. They said, “Never again!”

Oliver and I went to the vet first. Oliver does not like car rides like I do. It felt like we drove for hours because he yowled all the way there. So much noise! When we got there, I didn’t want to go inside but Mom picked me up and carried me.                                                                                                                                                                            I check on Oliver

Oliver was in a carrier. I check to make sure he’s still alive because he finally got quiet.


The tech came in and took me out of the exam room. You wouldn’t believe where they put things and what they did!!!!!! It should never happen to a dog! When she brought me back to Mom and Dad, I was really nervous so I got into Dad’s lap with Oliver.

Now I'm nervous, too








Dr. Jones came into the room and checked Oliver first. That was fine with me. I needed time to get my dignity back. Oliver doesn't like having his heart listened toOliver didn’t want to be bothered so he flattened down while Dr. Jones listened to his heart.

When it was my turn, I stood up nice and tall.

Dr. Jones listens to my heart








Oliver and I were ready to go home after that, but the humans kept talking about football and the championship game. It was boring. They finally finished and Mom took me outside while Dad paid the bill. I like sniffing the yard and taking care of business.

When we got home, I got a special treat for being so good and not biting anyone. That was the best part of a terrible day.