I Went To A Wedding – Not

This weekend my family took another road trip, this time to Jacksonville, Florida for my cousin Jessica’s wedding. When it was time for the wedding at the Cummer Museum, I had to stay behind in my jail crate. Everyone had fun and ate lots of goodies. All I had was a dumb ol’ chew stick. Mom and Dad didn’t even bring something back for me.

IMG_0730   Here are the bride and groom having their first dance.


This is my sister, Melanie and her friend, Tony.

IMG_0728This is Aunt Faye, Aunt Grace, and Uncle George. Grace and George are Mom’s sister and brother. Aunt Grace is also the MOB (mother of bride). Aunt Faye is married to Uncle George. More about Aunt Faye in a minute.


This is Grandma. She likes to fly instead of drive.


This is John. He is the BOB (brother of the bride). The family sometimes calls him Little John because his dad is also named John. Little John is pretty tall and so is regular John, the FOB (father of the bride).


This little girl was a flower girl. She’s not much bigger than me and she was invited to the wedding. I could have been a flower girl.

The next day Aunt Grace invited us to her house for brunch. This time I was lucky. I was the only dog in the house and everyone thought I was cute. Aunt Faye likes dogs but not in her lap so I jumped into her lap every chance I got. People gave me treats and I got stepped on once.

The best part of the weekend was that I got to be in Mom or Dad’s lap all the way to Jacksonville and all the way home.